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Get customers faster, smarter, more reliably.

Marketing that performs. We take tried and tested principles and pair them with agile solutions to achieve outcomes unbeaten in the industry. Better results, no excuses.

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Australia’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency

Record-breaking results.

The richest insights, smartest angles and most captivating messages. The outcome? Faster growth, greater results, lasting impact. We deliver you awareness, customers and brand advocates.

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What we do.

With every decision backed by data, our world-class team tailors services to a single overarching objective: evolving and growing your business. As experts in social, search, email and creative, we develop the recipe for your success.

  • Social Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Social Advertising

From Facebook and Instagram to rising platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, there are massive opportunities on social. How will you compete?

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a direct line to your most engaged customers, and with 3 x higher conversion rates than social media – it’s your money-maker. We specialise in building effective email automations and ongoing campaign management to grow your email list and nurture your customers.

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Lead Generation

Get qualified leads on a platter. Tailored, omnichannel strategies generate valuable inbound and outbound leads, designed to save you and your sales team serious time and money.

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Content Marketing

Direct communication drives direct responses. We craft intelligent, purpose-led email, content and engagement campaigns to connect with your customers and ultimately, build your revenue.

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Google Ads

Leveraging an industry leading partnership with Google courtesy of an exceptionally high optimisation score and a dedicated team of certified specialists – our campaigns simply perform better.

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Search Engine Optimisation

The top of Google is prime real estate, and we have the keys. Source quality leads and unprecedented traffic with proven SEO strategies battle-tested against Google’s algorithm updates.

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9 x average client ROAS

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Trusted by the best:

From crafting performance-led strategies to generating and nurturing customers, we’re in the business of going above and beyond. We deliver industry-leading results for ecommerce and service-based business of every size and scale.

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Squeak Design

I could create great products but I didn’t know how to get it out to customers. When Megaphone came along, sales picked up — they helped me push the business further.

They’re fun to work with, easy to talk to, and just reliably there.

  • 354% increase in marketing-attributed sales (2021 to 2020)
  • Holistic growth: from start-up to six figures
  • Successful pivot to avoid Covid reductions
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When we launched our new product, it was a challenge. We didn’t know where it sat within the market or why people would buy this over others. But with Megaphone — when strong creative, sound messaging, and continuous offer testing was implemented — we saw results skyrocket and they’ve been improving ever since.

  • 73% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
  • 205% increase in sales
  • 120% increase in website purchases
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The Megaphone difference:

What we do is complicated. Why we’re the best is not. #1 rated on Clutch, industry-leading results, and a 96% retention rate – that’s the Megaphone difference. Satisfied clients and transparent relationships have built us an outstanding reputation.

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“We have seen an increase in consultation bookings month on month and find our retargeting ads to be highly effective for online sales…

KYHA Studios


Kyha Testimonial Avatar

“We’ve seen a 315% increase in online leads, 357% increase in traffic and a 214% increase in conversion rate, and the quality of the c…

The Dental Co


The Dental Co Testimonial Avatar

“Megaphone has continuously provided successful outcomes, month after month. Seen an increase in conversion value by 141% from June, I…

Boba Barista


Boba Barista Testimonial Avatar

“We’ve worked with Megaphone for over 18 months, and seen a 233% increase in return on ad spend and 455% increase in website traffic.”…

Glen Mayer

Co-founder Subo Products

Subo Testimonial Avatar

“We love working with Megaphone in all aspects of our digital marketing – whether that’s coming up with new ideas to drive…

Chris Caley

Co-founder No Pong

No Pong Testimonial Avatar

“We’ve seen incredible growth in a short period, opening up the opportunity to scale faster.Following just six months of working toget…



66fit Testimonial Avatar

“The results were immediate – we saw a 500-600% increase in sales in Nov-Dec and a 300% increase in Jan-Feb. Google shopping has…

Fox & Fallow


Fox & Fallow Testimonial Avatar

“They have more than doubled our sales and return on ad spend in just 2 months through their facebook & instagram ads. And convers…

Avocado Zinc


Avocado Zinc Testimonial Avatar

“We’ve been working with Megaphone for five years now and can’t imagine life without them! We’ve seen an 80% increase in email subscri…

Alias Mae


Alias Mae Testimonial Avatar

“Saw a 15K increase in our email database and 14K increase in Instagram followers”

Happi Earth


Happi Earth Testimonial Avatar

“We are at 4 x our usual daily online sales goals, 93% of daily traffic is coming from a competition strategy and those signing up are…

Kat The Label


Kat The Label Testimonial Avatar

“As the market got more competitive, our rankings started to drop. So we came to Megaphone to reclaim our SEO positions and qual…

Chelsea Cosmetics


Chelsea Cosmetics

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