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Megaphone is home to industry experts from performance to creative, and everywhere in between.


It’s a culture that empowers you to grow and constantly challenge yourself – and the people I get to work with every day.

Zachariah Miller
Executive Account Manager

Love being part of a fast growing company that focuses on career progression. Working with a team that is hyper-focused on learning and collaboration means there’s never a dull day.

Tony Pedreso
Head of Accounts

I’ve become such a confident person, I love it! Not only are you given all the tools to be the best you can, but you are encouraged to develop beyond your role to exceed in other areas of your career.

Alanah Hallam
Sales Team Leader

Working at Megaphone is getting to work with friends each day. It’s a supportive environment where you can develop and grow, while having a lot of fun.

Natasha Adams
Head of Strategy

Megaphone has granted me the opportunity to pursue my love of writing in hand with my curiosity for consumer psychology and collaborate with other creatives to produce meaningful content that leaves a lasting impact on brands.

Jasmine Riley
Senior Copywriter

The opportunities at Megaphone are endless. The fact that everyone here is so supportive of every individual’s growth and enjoyment is so unique. We work hard, we play hard and no two days are the same.

Rebekah Lock
Executive Account Manager

It’s unique to find a workplace where you’re fully supported to drive your own professional development and have flexibility to discover your interests. Megaphone also takes work life balance seriously!

Rebecca Bentley
Senior Google Strategist

The Megaphone mindset.

Megaphone has grown into one of Australia’s largest digital agencies not by repeating its successes, but picking them apart for further improvement. With decades of experience in digital marketing, our leadership team is committed to embracing and flourishing in the face of change. Forever evolving and forever improving.

Max Hertan Director
Max Hertan, Director
Lauren Oakes Ceo
Lauren Oakes, CEO
Joshgowing Cmo
Josh Gowing, CMO

6 reasons to choose Megaphone:

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Extensive training.

Home to qualified teachers and one of the most comprehensive and extensive training programs in the field, you’ll be equipped with the tools, resources and support you need to unlock your full career potential.

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Growth-focused culture.

Our renowned agency has built a culture where we work hard, but also dedicate time to personal development and learning. Whether it be up-skilling workshops, wellness sessions or leadership development.

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Works perks.

It’s our mission to be the best and have the best place to work for our team of digital natives – which starts with a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working, team events, mental health days and dog-friendly offices are all staples at Megaphone.

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The biggest brands.

From household names to startups on the fringes of innovation, our expertise knows no bounds. Working at Megaphone, you’ll be exposed to businesses of all sizes, scales and industries, and play an integral role in their growth.

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Work with the industry’s best.

The Megaphone team comprises some of the industry’s top talent who all embody a drive to succeed and scale their career. Our considered recruitment process ensures not only the brightest minds call Megaphone home, but the boldest do, too.

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Community mindset.

At Megaphone, we believe success doesn’t begin and end with us. We take pride in giving back to our community and work with not-for-profit organisations such as Make-A-Wish, OzHarvest and The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Ready to join Australia’s fastest-growing digital agency?

Check out all current open positions in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices below.

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